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Social Experiment Explained

Why a social experiment?

typical panhandlerI have seen so many people standing on so many street corners begging for money, sometimes the same people for months at a time, that I have decided to conduct my own social experiment.  My social experiment will be this, although I have no need for extra money, I will create signs and stand on corners and at parking lot exits and beg for money.

All of this money from my social experiment will be donated to a charity that is very dear to me.  Love146.

Their story

Love 146 is an organization working internationally to end child trafficking and exploitation.  What that means is they go into dangerous places and risk their safety and lives to save young boys and girls from being sold into the sex trade to be raped multiple times a night.

This is how they got their name and their start. Why 146?

Before you ask, no I was not sold into the child sex slave trade or raped as a child or ever for that matter.  I have been fortunate in this.  Not everyone has had the safety and security I have had.

Look for me

photo-pan-handler-lgIf you’re in or around the Salt Lake Area over the next few weeks to months look for me.  I’ll be performing my experiment mostly on freeway off ramps and in grocery store and Wal-Mart parking lots.

Since you’re reading this you will know that the things on my social experiment signs are lies and you don’t have to donate.  Just a kind word or a cup of cocoa, it’s cold this time of year in Utah, will make this easier to keep doing.

My Journey

I plan on making several different types of signs saying everything from the completely honest “I’m collecting money for charity” to out right lies like “Widowed mother of 4 about to be evicted!  Anything helps. God Bless” and everything in between.  I will also be doing this at different times of the day.

Will my social experiment work better at rush hour or lunch time?  Will my social experiment work better in more affluent neighborhoods?

Why I’m doing it?

I’m not just doing it to raise money or awareness for Love 146.  I’m doing it to see if the stories of making $400 in day are true and to see what kind of people I live with.  Will my social experiment actually tell me anything?  I don’t know but all I have to lose is time and maybe a bit of pride.  But you know what they say about that.

Please leave any an all comments about why this is good/bad idea in the comments section below.

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