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Processing Canned Goods or Does it Really Matter?

Processing cannedprocessing canned goods in a hot water bath goods is a very important step in making your food safe to put on the shelf.  You might think but if I just put hot stuff in hot jars and put it on the counter too cool it still seals.  That should be safe.

That method is called open kettle canning and is NOT SAFE AT ALL.  Processing canned goods does more than just make the seal.  While you have the jars in the canner, whether hot water bath or pressure, it does a lot of things.

The food in the jar is boiling and expelling all the extra air in the jar so you get a good tight seal yes.  However, it’s also cooking the food and heating it to a point processing canned goods in a pressure cannerwhere any bacteria that might still be in the food is killed.

From the National Center for Home Food Preservation “The temperatures obtained in open kettle canning are not high enough to destroy all spoilage and food poisoning organisms that may be in the food. Also, microorganisms can enter the food when it is transferred from the kettle to jar and cause spoilage.”

Processing canned goods is important.  I think I already said that once in this article but it’s important enough to repeat.  So important I’ll repeat it again.  PROCESSING CANNED GOODS IS IMPORTANT.  Think you got it now?

Do not just put hot food in hot jars and screw on a lid and ring.  Yes they will seal.  You’ll get the pop you expect to hear when waiting for jars to cool.  But it’s just not safe.  You don’t get ALL the air out and you don’t heat the food to a point where the microorganisms and junk that makes food go bad.

So just please make sure you’re processing canned goods before you go putting them on a shelf.  Please.  I don’t want anyone to get sick and die because they thought it was ok to eat just because it sealed.

If you think I’m completely off my rocker, or if you agree with me, or if you just want to say hey please feel free to leave a comment below.

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