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New Canning Lids Everytime or Yes Really You Can’t Reuse Them

New canning lids need to be used every time you do a new canning job.  You cannot reuse the same lids.  You might be thinking but why not?  Those things can get expensive.  I don’t want to have to buy new ones every time.

new canning lids vs used canning lidsThis is why.  See that groove in the lid on the right?  If you try to reuse that lid you’re not going to get a good seal.  It’s not going to sit on the new jar exactly the same way it sat on the last one.  It won’t be there to squish out around the lip of the jar and make good seal and you’ll end up with not sealed jars and spoiled food.

Trust me spoiled food is much more expensive than new lids.  You will either see it and have to throw the food out and make more of whatever it was you tried to reuse the lid for.  Or worse it won’t be noticeable and you’ll eat it and end up sick and in the hospital.

You don’t want that headache, or stomach ache, or any of the other stuff that comes with eating bad food.  And think how horrible you’ll feel feeding that to your family.  Now do you see why new canning lids are important ever time you do a new batch?

Nobody wants to throw away food. Or eat bad food.  New canning lids are not expensive and can be found almost anywhere.  Wal-Mart, almost any grocery store, hardware stores.  And they’re cheap really just a couple dollars for 12 new lids.

ringsYou CAN reuse the rings. That’s not an issue at all.  As long as they’re not rusty or bent and can hold the canning lid down it’s no problem.  Reuse them all you want.

If you think I’m crazy because you’ve not used new canning lids every time and got lucky let me know.  If you agree with me and think everyone that doesn’t use new canning lids every time is crazy let me know.  Either way feel free to leave comments below.

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