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Mixed Canning or Can Meat and Veges Go Together?

Mixed Canning

What is mixed canning?  Someone asked me the other day, “When canning meat and greens together, will one go bad before the other, and how long?”  I didn’t know so I decided to do some research.  Well I kind of knew but I’m a fact whore and had to know moar.

So what are the benefits and what are the pitfalls of canning meat and veges together?  Can you do it yourself at home?  I mean they do it at Campbell’s right?  And you can too.  You just need the right equipment.  Remember this? That was mixed canning.  Some high acid some low, okay most of them low acid.  Shut up it WAS mixed canning.

mixed-canning-chicken-soupThere are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you try mixed canning.   You can’t just can your own Chicken Noodle Soup, or Beef and Barley Soup, or Beef-a-Roni.  But you CAN do mixed canning at home.

If you’re planning on doing mixed canning and not pickling what you can, like I did, you need to make sure you have a pressure canner.  Just like if you were canning any low acid food without pickling it.  That’s pretty much the only rule.  Oh and you have to do math if you’re trying to make up your own mixed canning recipe.

But I don’t like doing math you say.  But think about this.  Canning a pint of beef you have to process it at a pressure of 10 psi for 75 min.  But a quart of carrots takes 10 psi for 25 min.  So if you process for the full time of the meat you get mushy carrots.  But if you don’t you get under-processed meat.

There is hope though.  Mixed canning doesn’t have to be hard.  All you have to do it make sure you have the right equipment and a tested recipe and you’re good to go.

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