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Fat Kat’s Weight

Fat Kat’s Weight

So I have gotten sick of my current size.  I don’t want to be Fat Kat anymore.  I weighed myself after getting a new battery for my scale today.  219lbs.  219 freaking pounds!  OMG I’m fat. (in case you were wondering about the discrepancy in the weights I started this post in Jan and it is now April.)

No more

I have decided that I will start to keep a daily food journal and weekly weigh ins with a progress bar to show you how far I am from my goal weight.  The journal will be kept most often while I am at work.  But possibly also while I’m at home.


fitbitI got myself a FitBit.  Back in March.  In case you don’t know what it is. It’s a 24/7 activity tracker.  A bit more than a pedometer.  It tracks your steps yes.  But it also tracks your sleep and if you use the app your food and caloric intake.  It’s pretty awesome.

Pretty awesome except for one thing.  After 32 days it has stopped holding a charge for more than a few hours.  Kind of defeats the purpose of having something that’s supposed to track you 24/7 if you have to plug it in every few hours.

But they’re sending me a new one.  No charge.  So the customer service is pretty good.

Garcinia Cambogia

GC to manage weightThis is a weight loss supplement that was featured on the Doctor Oz Show.  It works in many different ways and I have been taking it for 2 days now.  No cheating.  One thing I will have to do is get myself on an eating schedule.  When the only set time you have to eat is your lunch break at work it does make it kind of hard to take it 60 min before you eat.  So I have taken to setting an alarm on my phone to go off 45 min after I take it.  That way I know I have 15 min to make or buy something to eat.

Current Stats

Weight: 232.
Height: 5’7″
BMI: 36.3

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