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Children’s Story: The Potay’s and The Tomay’s

Having a good children’s story isn’t always easy.  When I was a child my mother used to make up bedtime stories for me and my brother.  The only children’s story I remember that she made up was the story of The Potay’s and the Tomay’s.

The Potay’s and The Tomay’s

A long time ago, after the dinosaurs and before man, there lived two species of giants.  The Potay’s and the Tomay’s.

The Potay’s were very large and had thin brown skin stretched over a hard white body.  They were kind of lumpy and could see for miles as they had so many eyes.  All over their body.  There wasn’t enough room on their head they had so many.

The Tomay’s were also very large but more thin than the Potays.  They had thin skin too but it was red and stretched over a squishy body.  They also had green stalks that held all the different red pieces together and thus they were able to walk around.

The Potay’s and the Tomay’s both wanted to live in the same place but they each wanted it for their own.  They hated each other and didn’t want the other to have the good land.  With lots of soil for planting food.  Right next to a stream so there was always lots of water.  It was beautiful.

For a long time they fought over who would get the land and ended up living on opposite sides of the stream with a very tense peace for several years.

One very hot day the Potay Chief’s son, McCormick Tuberfreid, decided he needed to cool off and went to take a swim in the stream.  When he got to his favorite swimming spot he noticed a Tomay was there.  He became angry and was going to yell at them to leave and fight them if he had too but as he was about to jump out of the shade into the sunlight the Tomay turned around.

That is when McCormick stopped.  She was the most beautiful Tomay he had ever seen.  Beautiful bright red skin and green stalks.  A head of amazing leaves to keep her shaded and give her plenty of food from the sun.  He instantly fell in love.

She, being the Tomay Chief’s daughter Illenatha, was almost never alone.  She had Tomay guards with her at all times, as much as she hated it.  She knew she had to have them.  They kept her safe.  But sometimes she managed to sneak out, times like today.

Today she was all alone.  Just her and the water and the sun.  At least she thought she was.  She didn’t know that just across the stream McCormick was watching her from the shade of the trees and falling in love.

This kept up for several weeks.  Illenatha came down to soak up water and sun, sometimes alone, sometimes with her guards.  McCormick would watch from the shadows across the stream.

One day after several months of watching her McCormick finally got up the courage to try talking to her.  He had to wait for quite a while as there was a period of time when she wasn’t able to sneak away.

Finally his chance came and he slowly came out from under the trees so as not to scare her and called across the stream to say hello.  At first she was of course scared.  He was a Potay after all and she had always been told to stay away.

But over the next few weeks she began to learn that he wasn’t as bad as she had always been told.  He was sweet, and brave, and from the looks of it strong.  She soon fell in love.  But they both knew that they would never be accepted by each other’s tribes.  So they decided to run away together.

When the next morning came both father’s were livid and each blamed the other for the disappearance of their children.  Neither would listen to reason and so the last great war between the Potay’s and the Tomay’s started.

The war raged on for years.  Eventually no body was left but McCormick and Illenatha.  They were the last of each of their species.  For although they loved each other dearly they couldn’t have children being different species.

They buried all their dead but grieving as they were and only being two of them they didn’t have the strength to bury them deep.  The Potay’s were heavier and thus sunk down a bit when they were buried, but still pretty close to the surface.  Close enough that it’s not hard to find them.

The Tomay’s, being light as they were, stayed a bit higher in the ground.  They ended up with their toes sticking up out of the ground.

And that is where we get Potatoes and Tomatoes today.

For those of you with a little bit of a weird sense of humor (like me) read this version.

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