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Lids Didn’t Seal or What Do I Do Now?

My lids didn’t seal.  What do I do now?  WHAT DO I DO?  Well first off take the advice of Mr. Douglas Adams and don’t panic. There are a lot of possibilities for why your lids didn’t seal.  You had the bands on too tight.  You didn’t process long enough.  You left too much head […]

Processing Canned Goods or Does it Really Matter?

Processing canned goods is a very important step in making your food safe to put on the shelf.  You might think but if I just put hot stuff in hot jars and put it on the counter too cool it still seals.  That should be safe. That method is called open kettle canning and is […]

Runny Jelly 2 or How Do I Fix This?

runny jelly

Part two in the runny jelly series.   Last week we talked about what can make you end up with runny jelly.  This week we’re going to talk about how to fix it. How do you fix runny jelly? There are a few different schools of thought with regards to runny jelly.  There is the use […]

Runny Jelly or Why Didn’t This Work?

What happens when you have runny jelly?  Well a lot of people just say forget it and throw it away and waste all that time and money.  But you don’t have too. There are a lot of things to think about when you’re making jelly.  The fruit juice you use.  The amount of sugar you […]

What is the Shelf Life of Canned Goods or Can I Still Eat This?

The shelf life of canned goods depends on a lot of different factors.  Did you buy the can?  Or did you can it in a jar yourself?  How hot is is where you’re storing your canned goods?  Did you leave the proper head space? There are several factors that limit the shelf life of canned […]

Canning Explained or Why is it Called Canning?

“Why do you call it canning when you put stuff in jars?” is a question I have received frequently.  A question I had but never bothered to look up since it’s just always been called canning in my family.  But that prompted this canning explained article for all of you. Blame Napoleon Bonaparte. Okay so […]

Mixed Canning or Can Meat and Veges Go Together?

Mixed Canning What is mixed canning?  Someone asked me the other day, “When canning meat and greens together, will one go bad before the other, and how long?”  I didn’t know so I decided to do some research.  Well I kind of knew but I’m a fact whore and had to know moar. So what […]

Processing is Important or Do I Really Have To?

Processing your canned goods in a very important step to keep your food safe and storable, yes I made up a word, for any length of time. If you don’t process your jars after filling you may end up with an incomplete seal and have spoiled food also you generally don’t get the food to […]

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