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Day Thirty Seven! Or What have I been doing for the last month?

Wow!  Has it already been a month since my last post?  I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.  That’s what they say at least. In the last month my sourdough starter has blossomed wonderfully and I have made several batches of sourdough bread with it.  Some just came out of the oven […]

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Day Three! Or it’s my blog and I’ll call my posts whatever I damn well please!

Day three has come and gone.  It is now day seven of my starter.  Like an idiot I forgot to take a picture of my starter before shaking it up to pour some out on day three.  However, it was all bubbly and smelled bad.  And by bad I mean good.  Just like sourdough is […]

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Day One!

Wait!  Why is there a picture of some white stuff in a jar? Hehe white stuff in a jar.  Oh, sorry.  You thought this would be a serious blog.  All full of vocabulary and correct grammar and stuff.  So sorry to disappoint people but sometimes I have a very immature sense of humor.  Sometimes I […]

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