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Day 362 or Who’s Counting Anyway?

Wow!  Over 5 months since my last post.  I have been slacking.

I have had some medical issues, nothing too major just a routine surgery to remove what ended up being a polyp in my girl parts.  But the waiting, oh god the waiting, for the results.  So damn scary.  There were days where I just sat in the tub and cried.  Scared shitless.  What can you do but wait and be freaked out that you’re going to die.

As for the canning there hasn’t been any of that lately however I did make my own beef stock.  Poorly but I made it.  Took forever and the whole apartment smelled amazing but too much parsley kind of ruined the flavor a bit.  I’m going to make it again and use a lot less parsley next time.  Might not even use ANY parsley.  There is a store that we have here in Utah called WinCo and they have beef soup knuckle bones and they make good broth.  Used that broth to make pho and even thought the broth had American flavors it was still good pho.

I got and lost a man.  But seriously he didn’t deserve me if he couldn’t even build up the courage to break up with me face to face instead of via text.  I mean really.  Who does that?  15 year old little kids do that shit.  So enough of the anger.  Time to move on.  He’s not worth it.

I has a new jorb.  For a web hosting company.  The company that’s hosting this site to be exact.  Pretty good place to work.  I do technical support which isn’t a bad job except for the fact that I have to deal with the public and sometimes the crazies.  I would give examples but that would probably get me fired and I like having a warm bed and food and toilet paper.  So you have to imagine the crazy I get to deal with.  You know the people out there on the internet that make the sites that make you question whether or not you want to be on this planet.  I get to TALK to them and help them fix their sites when they’re broken.  So much fun.

However, I do not want to be stuck as a Level 1 Tech forever so I am studying to get my LPIC certification.  That way I can move up to eventually be an admin and not have to talk to customers at all.  Evar!  I’m hoping to have that done before New Years 2014.  That’s a lot to learn.  But I’m smart I can do it.  Wish me lucks.

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