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Welcome to Hot Fruity Vinegar

Thank you to all of my loyal visitors and for those that taken the time to comment on my posts.  This blog is going to be changing a bit.  It’s still going to be primarily about canning and I will still post canning FAQ’s for new canners to read over and learn from.  But I am also going to be using it as my normal everyday what I think about life blog.  As such I will try to keep to the following schedule, but I might not always get to post as often as I want.


Canning FAQ’s


Random other stuff

Also, if you plan on leaving any spam comments don’t bother I use Akismet and any that slip through will be moderated out by me.

Below is a progress bar for my weight loss goals.  I am only giving percentage lost to date and not actual numbers. It’s only for me and FitBit to know how much I really weigh.  Oh and since I wrote this anyone who cares to actually read my blog posts.

17.728 %

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